Share your ideas and skills on humanitarian development & global health care.

Share your ideas, skills, and knowledge with others who are working or volunteering   
in developing countries.

Our site is a forum, where your ideas, skills, and knowledge can be uploaded and   
downloaded.  Information on medical care, management, environment health,
community development, or other useful topics are welcomed.

For overseas wanderers, share your skills and knowledge while home in your   
pajamas, you don’t have to wait till next your trip or afford to buy the next plane ticket,
to be useful again.  

Connect Trainings
Training saves lives.  However, the time and effort to develop training materials can  
be  lengthy, or others may not have access to your ideas or best practices in training.
Here you can share training materials that you developed, with other persons working
in developing countries, so they can use it to teach others.
Any topic that is useful to development is welcomed, whether it is on health care,
environmental health, management, or community development. Draft materials
welcomed too.

Connect Grantwriter
Have a good idea for a project that may help many people in developing countries,  
but  feel unsure about how to write a proposal to fund that project or want feedback on
the proposal you already wrote. Visitors with writing skills, needed here, who can help
other people in developing countries develop or improve their proposals. This forum
serves as a meeting place for help in developing proposals and improving the writing,
grammar or translation.

Connect Links
Share and upload interesting links to other websites, which visitors here may find  

Connect Opportunities
Share and upload volunteer or job opportunities in developing countries.

Connect Experiences
Share and upload your interesting experiences, stories, or pictures from working in developing
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